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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


To help guarantee the perfect photo shoot, there are some things you will want to consider and keep in mind a week or two leading up to your special day.

1). FACE-

Whitening teeth-- Try to whiten teeth a week or two prior to your shoot. Over the counter whitening strips work great!

Don't sweat it if you get a pimple or two. Just try to avoid picking at them.

Facials &  Exfoliating will help keep your skin smooth and easy to apply make-up to. Try exfoliating a couple times throughout the week leading up to your session. If you haven't tried Rodan + Fields microdermabrasion exfoliation, I highly recommend it! (I don't sell it, but I use it and love it!) At home facials work well too!

Wax/pluck your eyebrows and shave your face if you have any unwanted hair.

Make-Up- If you’re planning to do your hair and make-up or you are hiring someone else to do it, please consider the following: Avoid shimmer and glitter (It is very difficult to photoshop), avoid contouring make-up and the dewey look. Try to stick with matte make-up as it photographs the best. Adding lashes makes a huge impact on your photos as well!

2). HAIR-

Consider getting a trim. This will alleviate dead ends showing in the images which are difficult or impossible to edit in photoshop.
Deep condition your hair. At home treatments work great if you're unable to get into the salon.
Touch up your roots or color a few days prior to your shoot, but avoid drastic changes.

3.) HANDS-

Sometimes your hands will show in your photographs, and you'll want to have them looking pretty just in case! Look into getting a manicure, cleaning your wedding rings, use lotion or coconut oil to make them nice and smooth for the shoot. Choose your nail colors to coordinate with what you will be wearing for your shoot. Also, look into a manicure as well, just in case.

4.) SKIN-

Wax or Shave- If you are waxing, please make sure to do it a few days prior to your shoot so you have time to heal. Shaving can be done the night before or morning of.
If you choose to spray tan or visit the tanning bed, please give yourself time (a few days) for the color to set in. Burned or orange skin will affect the outcome of your images. If you have fair skin, please leave as is. You will photograph beautifully, trust me. Look at Brenna (pictured above) as an example.

We will have a consultation prior to your session regarding what to wear, but if you're doing a full day Glam Couture session, you will want to bring 5-6 outfits. You will want your portraits to be a reflection of you so it's important to choose outfits you love. If you have a beautiful gown, special dress, or something you've been dying to wear but haven't had the opportunity yet, bring them! I also have tulle skirts, dresses and extra items we can throw in!

Think of something dark, something light (but not bright white), something sexy (if you dare) and something fun! If you'd like to have some portraits taken in our white sheet set-up, (see image above under "Hair") be sure to bring some lingerie, or strapless bra.

Consider wearing clothes that show your neckline. (boatneck, deep v, scoop neck, off the shoulder) Turtlenecks look great too!

Avoid patterns and prints. Sometimes they are too busy and take away from how gorgeous you're going to look.
Clothes with textures add richness to your photos and they photograph beautifully.

Fitted clothing shows your shape and is slimming in photographs. Wearing loose baggy clothing will not be slimming in camera no matter what body type you are. Choose clothes that hug your curves, especially in the waist, chest, hips and arms. Trust me, you will love how you look in your portraits!

Shoes are optional. (you can bring some just in case, but typically we shoot without them unless we do some shots outdoors)

Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding your session. I am here to help you be prepared for a successful shoot resulting in portraits you will absolutely love!  ~Melissa

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