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Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Visit with my Aunt and Sisters

This past weekend a lot of my family came into town to visit. It has been so long since I have seen my Aunt Brenda. My Aunt B. means alot to me and I credit her as one of my inspirations for my interest and passion for photography. When we were little she was always the "photographer" of the family, toting around her fancy camera and taking all of the family pictures. I wanted to be just like her and have a big fancy camera like hers one day. Aunt B was the crazy silly Aunt that we all just loved being around. Being with her just makes you smile =) Here are some pictures the kids actually took of us all together while she was here. Now keep in mind these kids are all under 12 and they actually were directing us on what to do. Good times!
This one is of me and my two sisters.. Molly, Lynn and I.

Silly faces...

Us with our Aunt B.


The Zoolander....

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Brower Blog said...

Oh Melissa I didnt realize you posted these! LOVE it!!

Your pictures are amazing!

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